Mini Christmas Stockings

My aunt asked me to make her 18 stocking decorations. She wanted 6 different types and they had to be big enough to put $5 bills in. I looked online and on Pinterest. After a little bit I found this pattern on Maggie’s Crochet for Mini Christmas Stockings. I love the instructions, very easy to read. The stockings were super fast and easy to make. I chose to do all 18 stockings at the same time, so I could memorize each set of instructions, then move on to the next set of instructions.


The final result.


The main part of the red stockings.


All the red stockings with just the main part finished.




All of the green stockings with the main part finished.


All of the striped stockings with the main part finished.


Putting the tops on the stockings.


Tops finished. So many ends to weave in, ugh.


All of the ends woven in. Next I put on the hangers.


Everything finished except the heels.


Yay, last step, weave in the heel strings.

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