Book a Live 1-on-1 Knitting Lesson or Crochet Lesson


Have you ever wanted to learn to knit or crochet, but have trouble following YouTube tutorials? Just need someone to tell you what you are doing wrong or how to improve? Or, maybe you just prefer a teacher over videos? 1 -on -1 live video lessons could be just the thing for you! Great for beginners and intermediate alike!

These 1 – on – 1 video knitting and crochet lessons are hosted through zoom. You will need a smartphone or webcam so I can see your work.

For beginner lessons, you will need yarn (I recommend weight 4), scissors and a yarn needle for both lessons.

For crochet, you will also need a hook. I recommend a size G or H hook.

For knitting, you will also need knitting needles. I recommend size 4 or 5 mm.

Knitting lesson

learn to knit crochet

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