1-on-1 Knitting & Crochet Lessons through Video

I have been having so much fun with my 1-on-1 lessons! Up until now I had been teaching lessons face to face and had been missing it due to Covid 19.

Thanks to Zoom, I can now teach people how to knit and crochet all over the world! One of my favourite unexpected findings is that I can teach people who are left handed easier than ever before now, thanks to screen mirroring. With just the click of a button, I can share with my students what it looks like to knit or crochet left handed.

What does my classroom look like?

In the past, I had made a photo box for product photography. I now use this for my lessons. I have my web cam set up on a tripod, and my hands work behind the camera so you can see my work from your own point of view. This makes it very easy for students to follow along. However, you, my students, don’t need a set up quite so fancy. As long as you have a web cam / smart phone camera / laptop camera, pointing at your hands I can tell what you are doing. Even from behind your work, I know just what to look for to make sure you succeed in your lessons.

What can you expect from your first few knitting lessons?

If you are a beginner, the first lesson I will teach you is how to cast on, and the garter stitch. The second lesson I will suggest you begin your first project! I always recommend a dishcloth, because that’s the first project I ever made, back when I was seven years old. Dishcloths are a great beginner project because you get to use your garter stitch and learn increasing and decreasing. At the end of lesson two, you will get homework. By lesson three you will learn to decrease and learn to complete the second half of your dishcloth. Of course, if you would rather make a different project, that is great as well. As you begin your project, I will teach you the required stitches as you go. The second project is up to you, I can provide recommendations. As you progress through projects, you will learn different techniques, stitches and pattern reading.

What can you expect from your first few crochet lessons?

If you are a complete beginner, your first lesson will consist of the chain stitch and the single crochet. During the second lesson, I will teach you double crochet and depending on your progress, we may be able to start your first project! Again, I will recommend a dishcloth as your first project, but you can choose what ever you would like. As you progress through different projects, you will learn different stitches and pattern reading.

Book your first lesson today!

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  1. Hello I have just booked a one hour lesson with you for tomorrow Friday July 23 rd at 9:00 am eastern standard time my name is Katherine Kane , do you email me a link for zoom to sign in? I have not yet received one. Thank you


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