Updated Inventory and New Shop

Hello! It has been forever since I made a post, but I have just been so busy knitting hats and ear warmers, and sewing (especially face masks)! Today I have been working hard on my new Square store : cillastitches.square.site. I am already in love with it, I think it may replace my Etsy page pretty quickly.

From my shop you can book a knitting or crochet lesson so easily, and see all of my items for sale. So far I have hats, ear warmers and scrunchies listed. I hope to add Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarves tomorrow and perhaps reusable face masks, too.

I had been putting off updating my store – and switching platforms – because I thought it would be too much work, but on Square, it was so easy. I had already used their appointment booking system, which is why I decided to try out their store. It took a few hours, but I think it was only because I have so much inventory. My plan now is to keep it up to date so I don’t end up with too many items to upload all at once.



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