Knit Pussy Hat

Today I made a pussy hat. I found the free instructions at Ravelry. You can use any size needles and wool so I chose to use Bernat Roving wool in flint, and size 10.00 mm circle needles, that were 40 cm long. To start I cast on 60 stitches and knit 2 purl 2 for two... Continue Reading →

Children’s Mittens

This weekend I knit some mittens for my little cousin. She wanted pink or purple so I got a ball of wool that had both, and some blue as well. I used Red Heart Super Saver in grape fizz. The free pattern I followed is at The only thing I did differently from the... Continue Reading →

Cushy Cable Hat

This past week I made a hat for my cousin. She asked me to make it for her, but she wanted it bigger than the one in the picture. So I added extra stitches in the beginning and made it longer that the pattern suggests. The link to the original free pattern is at Yarnspirations.... Continue Reading →

Rice Hand Warmers

Yesterday we had a big snowstorm so I was inspired to make a winter craft. I decided to make personalized hand warmers for the people I work with. There are lots of tutorials for these rice hand warmers but I haven't seen any personalized or hand sewn warmers. You will need: A sheet of felt... Continue Reading →

Emery Board Cover

Today I was in the mood to use up some fabric scraps. I found a pin on Pinterest leading to a post about how to make emery board covers. The post is here and the instructions are so simple. The instructions are in another post, which is here. There's a link to the instructions in... Continue Reading →

Personalized Cat Bed

This week I decided to make a cat bed for my kitty, Killa. I had been thinking about making one for a while, but I wasn't sure how to get the bottom attached to the sides nicely, and I know Killa doesn't normally like cat beds anyway. However, he does like fuzzy, soft blankets, so... Continue Reading →

Making Mulled Wine

Last night I made the absolute best mulled wine. I had received a big bottle of wine as a Christmas gift and decided to put it to use. I used this recipe for inspiration but changed some of the ingredients and amounts. It took 20 minutes to make and I ended up with 3 500 ml servings. ... Continue Reading →

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