Crochet Cushion | Free Pattern

I have found a way to use up my yarn from the Chunky Crochet Basket I had made! This yarn is so soft and plushy, it makes the best throw pillow / cushion. I’ve seriously used this to lie on and cuddle with all week while watching TV in the evenings. I even ended up with some surprise colour pooling, I’m getting barber pole vibes.

The best part though was how easy it is, I literally made this in less that one afternoon.

Anyway, try it out and let me know what you think!


Size 13 Crochet Hook

1 skein Bernat Bernat Blanket Brights in Neon Mix or chunky yarn


Yarn Needle

Polyester Fibrefill


Not necessary for this pattern.


MR – Magic Ring

SC – Single Crochet

INC – Increase

BLO – Back Loop Only

Inv Dec – Invisible Decrease


Leave a long tail outside of your work.

7 Sc in MR

Rd 1: inc, sc around (14 sc)

Rd 2: sc 1, inc around (21 sc)

Rd 3: sc 2, inc around (28 sc)

Rd 4: sc 3, inc around (35 sc)

Rd 5: sc 4, inc arouns (42 sc)

Rd 6: 42 BLO sc around (42 sc)

R 7 – Rd 30: Sc around (42 sc)

Rd 31: 42 BLO sc around (42 sc)

Rd 32: sc 4, inv dec around (35 sc)

Rd 33: sc 3, inv dec around (28 sc)

Rd 34: sc 4, inv dec around (21 sc)


Rd 35: sc 3, inv dec around (14 sc)

Rd 36: sc 2, inv dec around (7 sc)

Finish and cut yarn leaving a long tail.

Weave yarn tail through front loops only of each of the 7 single crochet stitches, pull tight for an invisible finish.

Using a yarn needle, pull the yarn tail straight through the centre of the cushion out to where it meets the long tail from the beginning of the project.

Tie the two yarn tails together and tighten until the cushion forms a cylinder with the short sides nice and flat.

Tuch the two yarn tails inside the cushion and cut any extra.

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