DIY Crop Top

Welcome! Today I spent the afternoon making a crop top. I put together a quick video showing some of the process.

The pattern can be found here. There are no instructions and the cutting directions are in Portuguese.

I do not speak or read Portuguese, so I used Google translate to see the English version. Since the pattern is hand written, Google wasn’t able to translate everything, however I did get enough to figure out what to do.


  • Pattern contains sizes 36 to 56
  • Use a non stretchy fabric
  • If there is seam allowance I don’t think it is included. I didn’t add any, but should have.
  • Each page shows the front and back piece of the pattern. Cut two of these on the fold.
  • There is also a short sleeve and 3/4 length sleeve. I made the 3/4 length. Again, cut two on the fold.
  • Each sleeve has a curve and each of the front and back sleeves have a curve. Sew one curve from each sleeve to each of the front curves, then sew the other sleeve curves too the back curves.
  • Now you should have a big tube shape.
  • Sew the side seams and arm seams.
  • There are casings on the top and bottom of each pattern piece.
  • I think I made the casings wrong. There is 3.5 cm for the casing. I can’t figure out what the instructions are. There is “fold 0.5 cm” “topstitch” “1.5 cm”
  • Anyway, I made my casings 1.75 cm folded over twice.
  • Insert elastic in the casings.
    • Neck : 84 cm (I used 80 cm)
    • Waist: 58 cm
    • Sleeve short: 22 cm
    • Sleeve 3/4: 14 cm (I used 24 cm)

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