Cushy Cable Hat

This past week I made a hat for my cousin. She asked me to make it for her, but she wanted it bigger than the one in the picture. So I added extra stitches in the beginning and made it longer that the pattern suggests. The link to the original free pattern is at Yarnspirations. My alterations to the pattern are below.


First of all, I used Bernat Premium wool. I had made this hat in the past with roving and I found it so hard to work with.

Start by casting on 72 stitches.

Rounds 1-6 are the same.

Increase round: k2, m1 around. 108 stitches.

Rounds 1-12 twice, then rounds 1-6 once more.

Shape top: Same as in pattern

  • Round 1 – 90 sts
  • Round 3 – 72 sts
  • Round 5 – 54 sts
  • Round 7 -36 sts
  • Round 9 – 18 sts

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