Sew A Knit Beanie

Last night I made  a beanie for a work friend. I had already made a few back in the fall for people I work with, but I had to make one more. I used this free pattern but changed up the sizes a little. Also, I added a band of fleece around the bottom so the hat wouldn’t be too warm but would be very warm around the ears.

You will need:

  • Knit fabric 22″ x 9.5″
  • Fleece 22″ x 4″


Cut out a rectangle from knit fabric, 22′ x 9.5″


Fold in half lengthwise, then fold the sides back to the middle. In the picture below, there are two folds on the left side and one fold, two edges on the right side.


Mark the center of the folded up piece and measure down 6″ on both long edges.


Cut out a hat shape. Cut from the marks on the edges to the mark on the center top.


This is what it looks like unfolded. I chose to use an iron on transfer to attach a logo to the hat. That is why it is on an ironing board. Next, sew good sides together from the lower “V” to the point of each triangle. Last sew all the way up the edges to the top point.


This is the hat right side out, without fleece.


Fold fleece rectangle in half with right sides together.


Sew short ends together.


Matching seams sew right side of hat to right side of lining.


Fold lining up inside hat.


Finished! You can also make a full fleece lining, just make the lining the same way as the hat and sew them together.

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