Summer Dress for Baby

Spring is in the air! I’ve been having lots of fun making hats and scarves all winter, but now it’s time to change over to summer things. My first summer project I just completed this afternoon. I had some pretty flower fabric I wasn’t sure how to use. So, I did what I always do, hopped on Pinterest and scrolled until I found a project.

Lots of my friends and family have been having babies lately, so I was inspired by them to make a little baby dress. The fabric I had was perfect for it. It was super simple, but took me a while to finish, like 3 hours, because I serged everything and just took my time trying not to make mistakes.

The pattern can be found at I’ve never made baby clothes before, so when I printed the pattern I thought, “no way is this the right size, it wouldn’t fit a kitten”. Haha, I was wrong, it turned out perfect, I can’t believe how small babies are. The only things I did differently from the tutorial were serge everything, either before I sewed it or serged the seams after, and I used a yarn trick for gathering the skirt. I am the worst at gathering so I was excited to try this trick and it worked flawlessly. I’ll definitely be using it in the future. The trick I’m talking about is from The last thing I added to the dress was top stitching around the skirt, because I found the seam kept flipping up.


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