Roll Brim Hats and Beanies

Making hats is my favourite thing to do with my Addi Kingsize knitting machine. At first I had a hard time finding yarn that didn’t drop or skip stitches. So far I’ve got Bernat Premium, and the yarn I used in these projects, Bernat Satin Sparkle (Amethyst). These hats can be made for men or women. They are 22″.

For the roll brim hat (left):

  • Cast on all stitches
  • Knit 120 rows
  • Cast off by threading yarn through each stitch from middle to outside
  • Pull tube closed, secure end
  • Pull beginning of tube closed with tail, secure end
  • Put two ends of tube together, secure, add pompom if desired
  • Hide tail inside hat


For beanie (right):

  • Cast on all stitches with waste yarn
  • Knit five rows
  • Switch to main colour
  • Knit 30 rows
  • Attach first row of main colour to 30th row
  • Knit 35 rows (30 rows are pictured, but I find this is too short, my ears get cold)
  • Cast off as above
  • Secure tail and weave in
  • Remove waste yarn
  • Secure tail from beginning and weave in or hide in brimIMG_20171120_225816214

Free Addi Express Kingsize Knitting Pattern

6 thoughts on “Roll Brim Hats and Beanies

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  1. Like that you give us row counts, thanks, they sound about right, too, at least when my row counter is not counting double. It counts double with most synthetic yarns. I prefer using our own wool from our Shetlands at a dk size spun at our local mill and available for sale on our website store. I also handspin and do hats on my Addi-King, too. Our website is


      1. I understand what you mean. But the beanie hat isn’t long enough to roll up, so it’s just doubled but the ears. The roll up brim hat has 4 layers over your ears when rolled / folded up.


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