Learning to Digitize Patterns

I recently – as in, over the last two years – have started designing my own clothing patterns. Now, I want to post them here so other people can download them. Yesterday and today I have been researching like crazy. I found so many tutorials for Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However, these are programs that cost money. Eventually I just gave up on those ideas and decided to try OpenOffice Draw. I already had it on my laptop anyway, because it is free. I can not find any tutorials or advice on how to use OpenOffice Draw for this purpose. So, when I finally get it all figured out I will make a tutorial about using it. Over the last hour, I managed to get one pattern piece digitized and made to scale. Hopefully as I make more I will get quicker.

I also have to learn how to grade my patterns. When I figure that out I will finally be able to post my hoodie pattern. Below is a picture of my one digitized pattern piece.

Edit: I think I have figured it out 🙂 Check out the link above for my hoodie pattern. My next project will be a tutorial on how to do this.


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