Making Jeans From a Jalie Pattern

I’ve been wanting to make jeans for a while now, but it has taken me a while to get started on them. First, I wanted to draft a pattern but it looked very complicated, so I decided to buy a pattern from Jalie, the same people I bought my running tights pattern from. That was good, except when I printed it off, lots of the markings were missing. I contacted Jalie’s support and they helped me figure out the problem. Turns out, I was supposed to select “print as image” under settings. Also, I think this is pretty cool, you can view the instructions for the pattern for free at the website linked to above. They let you see what you are getting into before you buy the pattern.

Later, when I went to cut out my fabric, I realized I had bought the wrong type of denim. I needed stretch denim, but I had bought 100% cotton. I cant return it and so I don’t really know what to do with it now. Any suggestions would be welcome.

So, I went back to the fabric store and bought stretch denim, they only had one color, but that was OK. I had to place the pieces a little differently than the instructions suggested, but I managed to get everything to fit.


The very first instructions were to make the pocket. I wanted a more interesting design but had a hard enough time getting this simple design to work. I have no artistic ability.


I had a lot of trouble with the fly, but I found a good tutorial at Closet Case Patterns.

Later, when I was sewing the inseam and side seams together I skipped top stitching the inseam so I could make sure everything fit. It did not fit well at all, the jeans were way too big. So I took in the inseam and side seams about an inch each and then everything fit better. Well, except for the back. It was loose and did not fit well at all. However, I had already sewed the back seam, serged it and top stitched it. So, I decided not to fix it, bad idea. Now the waistband doesn’t fit properly either. I can still wear them, I just have to wear a belt and a long shirt. I guess it’s OK for my first time making jeans. Next time I will start with my pattern cut much smaller.

One thing I don’t like about the pattern is how the seam allowance is 3/8″, so not enough to do a flat felled seam.

One thing I do like, about making my own jeans is how I can personalize them. I used a leopard print satin fabric for the front pockets.

Overall, I think the pattern is great, I’m glad I decided to buy it, but i think I did a bad job of making these and next time I’m going to have to try way harder to do a good job. I will still wear them though, and I will make another pair in the future.




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  1. I think they a came out great! They can be your Thanksgiving Feast Jeans!! I love the leopard print pockets. Gives them a nice pop of personality! šŸ˜€


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