DIY Plaid Crochet Hat

I made this hat earlier this winter. I love it so much, I wear it all the time and always get compliments. The free pattern is linked to under the picture. Try it out!


4 thoughts on “DIY Plaid Crochet Hat

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    1. It’s what you do from rows 2 to 46, so you crochet row 2, 45 times and get a long narrow rectangle for the band. It’s the same kind of thing for 4-15. You repeat rows 2 and 3, 7 times, then you have 15 rows which will give you a long tube and all you have to do is sew it together at the top. I hope this helps.


  1. I made this same hat for my daughter for Christmas! I loved making this hat. It was a lot of fun. It was wonderful because on Christmas day she was wearing a buffalo plaid jacket so when she opened the hat it was a perfect match! 😀


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