Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

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Yesterday I made an infinity scarf with a hidden pocket in it. It’s a great place to keep your phone or wallet or whatever. Now I need to think of a place to hide things in the summer.

You will need:

  • Fabric for scarf 65″ x 30″, or however big you want your scarf to be.
  • Two pieces of 12″ x 7″ fabric for pocket in same colour as scarf. I used cotton for the pocket. You can use bigger or smaller pieces depending on how big you want your pocket to be.
  • 20 cm zipper


1. Mark 2″ in from the short end of pocket on both sides of each pocket piece. This is where your zipper will go. Zig zag or serge the raw edges. I only serged the zipper side and zig zagged the rest later. You could do all four sides now though.


2. Mark where you want to place your pockets on both long edges of the wrong side of the scarf piece. I put my pockets 23″ in from the short edge. Baste along the edge. img_20170224_170242889

3. Pin zipper to scarf with good sides together. Make sure zipper lines up with markings on the pocket. Sew.


4. Repeat on other side of zipper.


This is just the zipper sewn in.


5. With right sides together, begin at bottom of zipper and sew with 5/8″ seam allowance to end of scarf. Make sure you do not sew the ends of the zipper because then they will show on the outside of the scarf.


Just the bottom sewn together.


6. With right sides together, begin at top of zipper and sew with 5/8″ seam allowance to the other end of scarf. Again, make sure you do not sew the ends of the zipper because then they will show on the outside of the scarf. I also went back and sewed an inch past the top of the zipper so I can hide the zipper pull in the seam.


The long side of the scarf is now sewn the whole length. You can see below where the zipper is. The zipper pull is hidden in the seam.


7. Now we can make the pocket. Start at the seam and sew the two short side and the bottom of the pocket.


8. Zig zag around the pocket now if you didn’t do it earlier.


Pocket is complete.


This is what the pocket looks like.


9. With the scarf right side out, put the good sides of the short ends of the scarf together and sew all the way around in a tube. Leave a 3″ hole. Turn right side out.


10. Use a ladder stitch to sew the hole closed.


11. Wear scarf!


hidden pocket pin pic.png

5 thoughts on “Hidden Pocket Infinity Scarf

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  1. Thanks for this- found lots of tutes that only added a zipper, not what I wanted! Yours is the only one I found with an actual pocket. Nice work.


  2. Thanks for this. I would have found it easier to follow if everything hadn’t been black, maybe it’s my age, but black material, black zip, black thread . I managed to make one though😀


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