Fleece Lined Neck Warmers

Today I made some fleece lined neck warmers. They are so warm and fuzzy, they are my favourite winter clothing to make and wear.


  • 23″ x 10.5″ rectangle of fleece
  • 23″ x 10.5″ rectangle of knit
  • Matching thread
  • Optional: Iron on decal



Step 1:

  • Cut out pieces of fleece and knit
  • Make sure the long direction is the way that is most stretchy



Step 2:

  • At this point I added an iron on decal to the knit fabric



Step 3:

  • Sew the long edges together with the right sides together. Make sure you sew both sides in the same direction to prevent uneven stretching.
  • Seam allowance is 3/8″
  • Use a stretch stitch if you have one



Step 4:

  • Turn right side out


Step 5:

  • This part is a little hard to explain. Fold in half so the good sides of short edges are together. Sew around but leave a 2-3″ hole so you can turn right side out. I made sure to leave the hole in the fleece so that the seam I make later will be inside the neck warmer, where it can’t be seen.



Step 6:

  • Turn right side out
  • This is the space I left to turn right side out


Step 7:

  • Sew hole closed
  • I used my machine to close the hole, but you can use a ladder stitch to make it invisible



Hole sewed up.



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